These were truly a labor of love. Half of the fun for me is finding these amazing treasures. Where do I find them you may ask?
Oftentimes, as you may already know, you may find them when and where you least expect. But to give you a better answer I would definitely say search your local Thrift Stores. I visit them often with a mental note of items in my search list. Oftentimes a good thrift store has already done all or most of the necessary repairs and the quality piece is ready for your prep work. Let the fun painting begin!


Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Estate Sales are also great shopping sources. Have you tried MarketPlace on Facebook? There are other furniture people out there that are continually buying and selling. Letting them know what you do and what kind of items you are interested in can be very helpful to both of you.
Vanities, Vanities, Vanities!
What can I say?! I am in love with these beautiful creatures! So many shapes and sizes! Such amazing detail! The sky is the limit! Sometimes I will find a Vanity with all the bells and whistles. Other times I will add the extra details to give them that amazing one of a kind pop with molding or raised stenciling. The transformations are amazing! The reward – another happy customer and new life to another forgotten treasure.