Beautiful in Blue Dresser

Okay, so we spend hours searching, cleaning, repairing, and finally painting or restoring these amazing finds.  It just makes sense to give it the time it deserves to stage it properly.  This means using the correct backdrop, the best staging items, the correct lighting, and of course the best angle.

I have created a staging wall in my heated garage where all of my beautiful pieces finally get to take center stage.  I purchased bead board paneling at Home Depot.  I suggest installing two to three panels if you have the space.  This will be very helpful when staging larger items such as Sideboards, Hutches, or Tables and chairs.  I painted my paneling a beautiful bright white so that it would not take away from my painted piece.

Let’s talk about flooring.  So, as I mentioned, I am staging in my garage and the floor would not be a pretty sight for my photo.  This is where you can save some money.  I suggest visiting a flooring store and inquiring about flooring  remnants that are discontinued or on sale.  I have even purchased a few choices so that I can change up the look once in awhile if the piece desired a different motif.

So you have created the perfect piece of furniture!  Let’s take the time to find some beautiful staging pieces that will make this furniture pop!  Think about your color wheel at this time.  Here is a quick example.  Your furniture has been painted a beautiful blue. I suggest at least three item to be staged on the top. Find something like a vase or frame to create some height and try to pay attention to the color and texture of your new hardware.  Do not mix metals.  If your hardware is silver then the vase or frame or both should also be silver.  A pop of color at the opposite end of the color wheel will create the magic that if the finishing touch.

We are now ready to discuss Lighting.  I use the photo umbrellas that actual photographers use.  I purchased mine on Ebay relatively cheap and they are great for eliminating those shadows that natural lighting can produce.  I have three umbrellas. Two are on the sides at 45 degree angles and I have the smaller one in front of the piece.

It is time for that perfect photo!  It may take several attempts but the important thing now is to get down on your knees and get level with the top of your furniture.  Be sure to allow breathing room on the sides of your piece.

Now I will suggest stepping away from your staging area.  I like to take some time and look over the photos that I have just taken and determine which ones I like the most.  Have you taken that amazing shot that reflects the time and effort that you put into your creation? You may want to go back and make a couple more changes and photo attempts. Possibly you noticed that the staging items were not properly spaced or maybe you have shadows or your photos are crooked.  Make these changes and then use some photo editing apps to crop and level out your photo.

You did a great job and your staging photo is complete!  Do not forget to add your logo or name.  This is your signature on your artwork.

Congratulations on a great photo!CRD.Banner.Gallery2