I have a story to share!  Sometimes things are just meant to be.  That is how I would like to describe the redesign of this beautiful Hutch.  I am very blessed to have met so many amazing customer/ friends along my journey of painting furniture.  Several of them are so special to me especially in the fact that they allow me creative freedom when designing their furniture.

Fast forward to this piece.

I happened to be scrolling through Market Place one day as I often do when I happened across this beautiful Hutch. I already had several pieces in my Custom stash but I remembered one of my customers mentioning the need for storage in their Master Bath,  Boom!  A light went on!  I knew this was the piece for her.  I messaged her and she could not have been more excited,  I believe it was the next day when this treasure arrived at my workspace.  We were both equally excited!  So on to the next step……..the Design.

Its time to discuss details about the space where this piece was going to be living. Would this be an accent piece or was it going to be designed around the existing decor? Pictures were shared and then pictures from Pinterest that interested her both color wise and details.  The pictures were all very different and I grabbed onto the specific details from each design that was going to make this magical. She loved texture and three colors were grabbing her attention.

I started with my base color in Wise Owl Kashmir, She looked absolutely gorgeous.  The crisp clean look really inspired the rest of this design.  My next step was a blend of a color mix of the original Kashmir with equal parts of Refurbished Gentleman which is a beautiful blue gray also my Wise Owl.  The stripes were added first and then a blend on all the door and drawer fronts.  The softness was perfect.  I was slightly stumped as to how I was going to add the other color in her inspiration pictures. This color was a bronzy shade of brown or a warm gray.

Wise Owl has several amazing shades of gray or brown that would be amazing and the  search for my design continued. I remembered how I love layering designs over stripes.  Florals, Script, birds, butterflies, you name it……all look amazing over stripes………….thus making the next step super easy.  I searched through all of my Redesign with Prima Transfers.  Now all I had to do was choose which one was going to be the perfect accent to my existing design.  And it was as simple as that!  I found one of our designs from the Summer Collection, Elegance & Flowers.  It had all the colors and it proved to be the perfect decision.  And the best part……..another very happy customer and another forgotten treasures redesigned.