I am absolutely obsessed with this Mint by Michelle Decoupage Paper. https://callesredesigns.com/mint-decoupage-papers/ . This one is called Sepia Horses and I just cannot get enough. I painted this dresser last week and could easily have kept it for our home. This design fits in so nicely with our Farmhouse/ Eclectic style.

Well, it sold the first day! Immediately I was on the search for another similar style dresser. I found one and low and behold, it came with a matching nightstand. I contacted a few of my interested customers and sold this set prior to painting. Pretty cool!

After cleaning and a good scuff sanding I was ready for primer. I used Wise Owl White Stain Eliminating Primer on the the drawers, exterior and interiors. I applied Wise Owl Clear Stain Eliminating Primer to the top and body of the dresser. Once the two coats had dried I was ready to apply the beautiful decoupage paper. I applied a thin coat of Wise Owl Matte Varnish to the each drawer and started applying the paper. I start at the top and work by way down. I allowed the paper to completely dry and then sealed it with the same varnish. Wise Owl Varnish is amazing for several reasons. One, it does not have any odor. Two, it is made with a crystal clear resin and therefore, will never yellow. Three, it is so easy to apply. I could go on and on so I’ll just stop there.

I have a tutorial of the next step. I was Live on the Wise Owl Paint Page. This is where I can show you the products and process. https://www.facebook.com/groups/783292881746349/permalink/4752108478198083/

The Wise Owl Paint colors that I chose were Creme, Restoration, and Grecian Clay. The blend of these colors was the perfect match for the background of this paper. Wise Owl Products can be found here with Free Shipping. https://callesredesigns.com/wise-owl/.

I was very happy with the outcome and after allowing it to dry I sealed the drawers with Matte Varnish. Ready for hardware.

The sides and top were a totally different look and so much fun. Here I used the paint colors Black, Iron Oxide, and Chocolate. I also added just the perfect amount of distressing to continue with that rustic feel.  Here is that tutorial. https://fb.watch/awdW04QsAD/

I will be posting the finished product on my Facebook page shortly.

I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do!