Feeling the Blues

Sometimes you just have to paint with the colors that grab you.  This month I have definitely been inspired by the blue tones.  I play, blend , and recreate and each time I am pleasantly surprised with my...

Staging and Furniture

Okay, so we spend hours searching, cleaning, repairing, and finally painting or restoring these amazing finds.  It just makes sense to give it the time it deserves to stage it properly.  This means using the correct backdrop, the best staging items, the correct...

One of my favorite painting techniques is Blending.

I love painting in general but I am definitely at my happiest when I am blending two or more colors and creating a totally new effect on a piece of furniture.  I am particularly fond of what I can achieve when I am painting with Wise Owl Synthesis Paints.  The...

Welcome to my Creative Work Portfolio

These were truly a labor of love. Half of the fun for me is finding these amazing treasures. Where do I find them you may ask? Oftentimes, as you may already know, you may find them when and where you least expect. But to give you a better answer I...

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