Industrial Patina Sofa Table



Imagine this Industrial Inspired Sofa Table in your home. Created with a Farmhouse, Rustic, and Industrial motif in mind, this piece will blend effortlessly with your incredible taste for design.

Featuring a faux leather top created with my favorite textures, metallics, and paints and an Industrial inspired, solid base. Hints of metallics, rust tones, and patina create this magical look.

I imagine this piece as a key drop in a foyer, added display in your living room, bedroom, and or dining area.


50″ long x 20″ deep x 29″ tall

I work incredibly hard to remain faithful to the history and character of whatever I am transforming, whilst ensuring I consistently deliver a structurally sound and, where applicable, a fully functional piece.

A lot of work and thought goes into how best to bring out the beauty of each individual item, and that’s before I even pick up a paint brush. And when I do I use the best products available to me.

Finally, when the design is complete, my finishing techniques are of the highest standards and will ensure you enjoy your furniture by Calle ReDesigns for many years to come.

But, if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, or perhaps you have something completely different in mind, get in touch today for your FREE Furniture Transformation Consultation.

Together we can transform your existing treasures or find the exact design that’s perfect for you, your space, your budget, and your style.

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